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The table is supplied for surgical operation of chest、abdomen, E.E.N.T.、gynaecology and obstetrics、orthopaedics department.

It is elevated by foot-oil pump, mechanical transmission are applied for side operation in other parts of the unit.


Main specification

  • Length and width for tabletop: 2100mm×480mm
  • Max. & Min. Height for tabletop:  800mm ×1040mm
  • Max. degree for tabletop forward and backward tilting: (forward) ≥35°(backward)≥20°
  • Max. degree for tabletop light and right tilting: (light) ≥22°(right)≥22°
  • Head rest: can be folded up and folded down ≥90° and can be elongation or discharge   
  • Back section can be folded up ≥75° or folded down ≥ 22°
  • Leg section: folded down≥90°
  • Back section: can be rest up to 120mm


Configure List

1、Operation board:1set ;
2、Aesthetic screen:1pc;
3、Shoulder support:2pcs;
4、Body support:2pcs;

5、Arm support:2pcs;   

6、Leg support:2pcs;


8、Foot board:1pc


3001: Pedestal spray-paint, be furnished with Mattress.

3001 B: desk pedestal and external oil pump are all made of stainless steel. Be furnished with Mattress.


1、Foot board

2、Spray-paint square pedestal, Spray-paint stand cover

3、Handle of light and right tilting

4、Handle of leg board

5、Pedestal Caster foot pole

6、Handle of waist board

7、Tabletop lift foot control pole

8、Handle of back pedestal

9、Aesthetic screen


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