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Anesthesia Machine Aries 2500

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Product Description

Anesthesia Machine Aries 2500 

Special Feature 

Display: 10.4 TFT color screen 
Application: Adult, Pediatric 
Driven mode: Pneumatically driven electronically controlled 
Mode: Semi-open, Semi-closed or closed system 


Anesthetic vaporizer: Two high precise vaporizers, Halothane, Enflurane or Isoflurane 
Power supply: 220V+/-10%, 50Hz+/-1Hz 
110V+/-10%, 60Hz+/-1Hz 
Internal battery: DC12V (over 4 working hours) 
Fresh gas outlet is in front of frame 

Anesthesia Ventilator 

Waveform: P-t, F-t, V-t, F-V, V-p 
Tidal Volume: 20~1600ml 
Respiratory frequency: 1~65bpm 
I: E ratio: 8: 1~1: 8 
Inspiration pause: 0~55%Ti 
Inspiration Pressure: 1~60CMH2O 
Trigger Pressure: -20~20CMH2O 
Monitoring parameters: O2 concentration, MV, Respiratory frequency, Tidal volume, Ppeak, PEEP, I:

ratio, Pmean, etc... 
Alarm parameters: 
High pressure alarm, low pressure alarm, O2 concentration alarm, MV alarm, O2 source failure alarm, AC power failure alarm, etc. 
Pressure alarm setting: 
High pressure alarm set 1~60CMH2O. 
Low pressure alarm set 0~20CMH2O 
O2 concentration alarm setting: 
High: 21~99%. 
Low: 21~50%. 
MV alarm setting: 
MV high alarm set 10~99L/min 
MV low alarm set 0~40L/min 

Main Unit 

Circle absorber: Compact circle absorber 
Flow meter: 
Five~tube flow meter 
O2 tube: 0L/min~1L/min~10L/min. 
N2O tube: 0L/min~1L/min~10L/min. 
Air tube: 0L/min~10L/min 
O2 and N2O Linkage Device, keep oxygen concentration over 25% 
Oxygen flush: 25L/min~75L/min 
Gas source pressure: 
O2: 0.25Mpa~0.65MPa 
N2O: 0.25Mpa~0.65MPa 
Air: 0.25Mpa~0.65MPa


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