• New Hospivac 350 suction

    New Hospivac 350 .. Made In Italy MAIN APPLICATIONS: Emergency Dept. Operating Theatre General Surgery Neurosurgery Liposuction Obstetrics Dental Practice
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  • Bed KS 858

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  • surton 120D Diathermy

    •SURTRON 120® is a high frequency electrosurgical equipment which is suitable to light and medium surgery.
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  • CMS6000 Patient Monitor

    CMS6000 features in high cost-performance, high safety and low power consumption. To ensure monitoring quality and reduce operation risk, it adopts full-isolation(floating).
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  • Operating Lamp 700/500

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Gymnic Ball

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The Fit-Ball, the fitness ball par excellence, has been the first ball to be used

in this sector, giving even the name to the discipline itself. It has been chosen

by gyms and ensures the maximum performance in terms of resiliency and


bouncing. It ensures a greater safety for the user in case of puncture

The Body Ball is great for low impact aerobics, light stretching exercises, yoga, relaxation, and use in kindergarten due to its soft and yet durable texture. It is surprisingly light in weight, has a soft, pleasant surface and is gentle to the skin. Made of super strong PVC foam latex-free material with a burst resistant quality. Maximum sustainable weight is approximately 600 lbs.

Available in ( 45 ) 22" ( 55 cm ), 26" ( 65 cm ), 30" ( 75 cm ), 34 " ( 85 cm ), 38" ( 95 cm ) ( 120cm)

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