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Orthopedics tractor rack TRP6A

Combination with various types support operating table. Used in the operation of leg. perform side ,prone traction ,open-up position of body.
Warranty Period: 2 Years

Portable ultrasound system ECO2

The NEW Chison ECO2 portable B&W ultrasound system has a premium design, intelligent workflow, and excellent performance

Fetal Monitor (Single & Twins) BT350

7" wide TFT color LCD display (Shows graph and numbers), Screen rotating 180 Degree    


Conventional warm light laryngoscopes have been a part of the reputed KaWe assortment for many years. This high-performance quality instrument

Fetal Monitor (Single & Twins) BT350 With Battery

7" wide TFT color LCD display (Shows graph and numbers), Screen rotating 180 Degree    

Fetal Doppler Hi Bebe BT-200

Compact and light, the Hi-Bebe offers an ergonomic- design, a large display with a clean, clear sound. There is a heart rhythm indicator as well.  

Hydraulic Gynecological Operation TableTRCB3004

For delivery, abortion and gynecological examination. Base shell and stand column made of stainless steel.
Warranty Period: 2 Years

Electric Gynecology Table EL-3601

Deluxe Gynecology Table with removable extension

Diathermy Electrosurgical Unit SURTRON 50D Watt

Radiofrequency electrosurgical unit suitable for minor monopolar surgery. warranty period: 2 years

Cryosprays CS 1

Cryospray CS 1 is a small - handy nonelectric cryosurgical apparatus designed for dermatology

Cryosprays CS 1-SM

Cryosprays SMT CS 1-SM are designed for effective treatment of a wide range of skin lesions: Common verruca, seborrheic verruca, actinic keratosis, papilloma, lentigo and other common lesions, inclusive hemorrhoids.