Ali Ben Ali

is one of the leading companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Middle East. It imports, distributes and maintains medical devices and medical supplies for the purpose of equipping hospitals and medical clinics with the latest modern science in the field of equipping clinics, hospitals and medical units with the provision of many services to these parties, Provides health care providers, physiotherapy centers and sports centers the best quality at an affordable price.
The beginning

This large entity started as a simple factory for the manufacture of medical furniture in 1985 and the resounding success that was achieved at the hands of the first founder, Mr. Ahmed Ali, and with the passage of time began to establish a parallel company for the distribution of manufactured products, the Ali Ben Ali Company for Medical Supplies. The company was established in the year 1987. The company participated in the field of hospital equipment The company has a long history full of successes and experiences gained through working over these years. The company won the trust of the Egyptian citizen, health authorities, and private and public hospitals alike. It became one of the largest companies working in the field of medical equipment companies and maintenance of medical devices. We will not exaggerate when we say that Ali Ben Ali has become The leading company in the field of providing all modern medical devices with international quality certificates. Why not, we are proud of the best medical equipment company, clinic equipment, hospital equipment and intensive care rooms.

Agents and Distributors

Over the years we worked in the Egyptian market, we took upon ourselves the task of providing medical devices to quality and scrutinizing the selection of the best specifications with stability on a fair price that suits the Egyptian consumer, market conditions and economic variables, so all countries of the world were our goal to choose the best names of international agencies, then we negotiate on Value for money, so we obtained agencies and distribution contracts for a number of Italian, American, and Korean companies and medical device companies in China and Taiwan.

Distribution in the Arab Republic of Egypt

It is spread all over the republic from our offices and showrooms in Cairo, Alexandria, Delta and Upper Egypt. Ali Bin Ali Company has also succeeded in delivering its products to all departments in all governorates by establishing a huge network of distributors around certified and medical devices throughout the Republic.

After-sales service and maintenance

One of our most important advantages is that we have an after-sales service, as we have provided certified maintenance centers to serve our customers who purchase medical devices, whether they are public or private hospitals and medical clinics.

All this with the help of a large group of technicians and engineers who hold the highest certificates specialized in medical devices and have great experience that qualified them to work as experts in the maintenance and repair of medical devices and provide the right advice to our valued customers.

Conferences and Exhibitions

Ali Ben Ali Company has always been keen to attend exhibitions, whether local or international, and external conferences, to obtain the latest information and to know the state of the markets specialized in the field of medical devices and to learn about the latest research on the development of medical devices.

We are distinguished experts and pioneers in the field of modern medical devices with advanced technology. We follow up on everything new that is presented by major international medical device manufacturers, often obtaining quality certificates from international institutions.

In the end, we could not reach that position except by the grace of God Almighty and then the trust of our valued customers in what we offer.. Thank you.