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Electrotherapy Device Electra-جهاز علاج بالتيارات الكهربائية

Electra delivers different types of currents suited for most of the therapy of painful syndromes and for invigorating or hypertrophying treatment through passive gymnastics, and rehabilitation of norm innervated and/or denervated muscular tissues. Warranty Period: 2 years

Electrotherapy Device B-333-جهاز علاج بالتيارات الكهربائية

B-333 Equipment Electric Muscle Stimulator Ems Acupuncture Electrical Stimulation Machine Tens And Faradic

Intelect® Advanced Stim

Information: » Intelect Advanced Stimulation » Intelect Advanced Color Stim + EMG » Intelect Color Stim » Intelect Advanced Monochromatic Stim Standard Accessories: » sEMG


Intelect Neo is the new standard in physical medicine modalities. Build the precise combination for your needs with five slide-in, plug-and-play module options; Channel 1/2 stim, Channel 1/2 stim/EMG, Channel 3/4 stim, Laser and Ultrasound.