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Mechanical Hight measurement scale ZT200

Weight scale most be placed in front of person at standard height
Warranty Period: 2 Years

Digital Hight measurement scale TP200RP

With Rechargeable Battery (Included) With BMI function
Warranty Period: 2 Years

Body Complete diagnostic bathroom scale BF 105

The diagnostic bathroom scale is a true all-rounder. Use the scale for a complete analysis of your body values. The graphical evaluation and trend display of your data helps you to achieve your personal goals.

Body Fat Analyzer BF500

Wide platform 39 cm. Infrared data transmission. Dual display feature wired and wireless. Five activity levels Memory: 10 profiles available

Diagnostic bathroom scale BG 13

Weighing made easy! The scale with large LCD display shows you your weight, body fat, body water and muscle percentage and even calculates your BMI!

Digital Bathroom Scale Elega

ULTRASLIM Capacity 180kg Division 100g Unit measurement selection LCD:1.0 inch. Auto-on Auto power off Temperate glass platform Power supply :

Personal bathroom scale PS 160

The personal bathroom scale is a real eye-catcher with its elegant glass insert. The large LCD display makes weighing exceptionally easy.

Glass bathroom scale GS 10 black

With its flat design height of only 19 mm, the GS 10 glass bathroom scale is particularly easy to store – the perfect accessory for small bathrooms.

Glass bathroom scale GS 213

Sleek design, high quality. The large standing surface and the 8 mm thick safety glass make the scale the perfect bathroom accessory