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Trolley-mounted anesthesia workstation AX-400-جهاز تخدير

Compact and integrated design; Closed and semi-closed system, suitable for patients from adult to pediatric    

Multi-Function Workstation Anesthesia Machine 7200A-جهاز تخدير متعدد الوظائف

High speed digital servo-controlled, volume constant system, suitable for adult & pediatric

Anaesthesia System Prima 460-نظام التخدير بريما

The Penlon Prima 460 is a fully featured anaesthesia system providing the ideal solution for today’s busy operating room.
  • Electronic flow display and conventional flowmeter options
  • Fully integrated ventilator and absorber
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Selectatec® compatible backbar with interlock
  • HIS connectivity
  • Intuitive design
  • Low life costs

Anesthesia Ventilator Nuffield 200-جهاز تنفس لجهاز التخدير

Apneumatically driven time-cycled ventilator with preset volume and flow rate for adult or pediatric patients.  

Anesthetic Gas vaporizer MSS-3-مبخر تخدير

Stable vaporizer that gives accuracy of output between +/- 2% and 5% of Dial setting, plus a longer period of “Duration of use”.

Anesthetic Vaporizer Tek3-مبخر تخدير

Deliver a very fine, highly accurate, and consistent dose of Isoflurane or Sevoflurane to the anesthesia machine.

Anesthetic gas Vaporizer Sigma Delta-مبخر تخدير

Delivers accurate concentrations under varying conditions of flow rate and temperature, particularly at low flow.