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Trolley-mounted anesthesia workstation AX-400

Compact and integrated design; Closed and semi-closed system, suitable for patients from adult to pediatric    

Multi-Function Workstation Anesthesia Machine 7200A

High speed digital servo-controlled, volume constant system, suitable for adult & pediatric

Anesthesia Ventilator Nuffield 200

Apneumatically driven time-cycled ventilator with preset volume and flow rate for adult or pediatric patients.  

Anesthetic Gas vaporizer MSS-3

Stable vaporizer that gives accuracy of output between +/- 2% and 5% of Dial setting, plus a longer period of “Duration of use”.

Anesthetic Vaporizer Tek3

Deliver a very fine, highly accurate, and consistent dose of Isoflurane or Sevoflurane to the anesthesia machine.

Anesthetic gas Vaporizer Sigma Delta

Delivers accurate concentrations under varying conditions of flow rate and temperature, particularly at low flow.