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Stethoscope Single

The Single flat-head stethoscope is the less expensive alternative to the COLORSCOP Plano

Stethoscope Professional

Antimicrobial Copper Dual Head Stethoscope

Stethoscope duplex Anestophon

duplex® stethoscope for the auscultation of adults and children.

Stethoscope duplex 2.0

Designed for better hearing, comfort and durability.

Monitoring Stethoscope Classic II™

Single-sided chest piece designed for easier grip and maneuvering.

Stethoscope double type

Newly design Aluminum type
Warranty Period: 1 Year

Stethoscope Classico

Dual head chest piece for adult, Anodizing chest piece the 48mm membrane is sensitive for sound collecting

Stethoscope Practik

Silver dual head chest piece for adult, the 48mm membrane is sensitive for sound collecting.

Stethoscope Master

Master stainless steel dual-head stethoscope

Stethoscope Cardia

Professional cardiology dual-head stethoscope