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Thermal Device (therma) -جهاز العلاج بالحرارة

Therma is a temporary-use medical device, suitable for the application of therapeutic treatments diathermy capacitive and resistive energy transfer of musculoskeletal injuries (contractures, sprains and strains, tendonitis, synovitis and bursitis) and osteo-articular pathologies, in an outpatient setting by qualified personnel in physical therapy. warranty period: 2 years

pressotherapy (pressa)- جهاز العلاج بضغط الهواء

pressa is a modern and reliable compressive system of the new generation. The equipment is destined to physiotherapeutic treatments in which is in demand mechanical pressure massage for mechanical lymphatic draining. warranty period: 2 years

Laser Device lambda yag -جهاز العلاج بالليزر

lambda yag is a laser therapy equipment, which allows to work in depth on different types of pathologies. The wavelength used is 1064nm. This, combined with the emission power, allows a good diffusion and the right absorption by human tissue, by combining an analgesic effect, anti-inflammatory effect and of the tissue regeneration. warranty period: 2 years

Laser Device lambda-جهاز العلاج بالليزر

lambda is a programmable control unit IR LASER suited for regenerative bio stimulating and antalgic treatments warranty period: 2 years

Ultrasound Device Sonora-جهاز علاج بالموجات الفوق صوتية -الترا ساوند

sonora are a programmable driver unit for US transducers with working frequencies from 1 up to 3 MHZ. Warranty Period: 2 years

shockwave Device Onda -جهاز العلاج بالموجات التصادمية

onda is a non-focal (radial) waves therapy device, which radically changes the therapeutic methodology of many musculoskeletal system disorders warranty period: 2 years

Magnetotherapy Device Tesla pulse-جهاز العلاج بالمجال المغناطيسي -ماجنتيك

tesla pulse is a device designed for professional applications for the treatment of oste-articular pathologies. warranty period: 2 years

Magnetotherapy Device Tesla-جهاز العلاج بالمجال المغناطيسي -ماجنتيك

tesla is an ELF magneto therapeutic unit designed for professional applications warranty period: 2 years

Electrotherapy Device Electra-جهاز علاج بالتيارات الكهربائية

Electra delivers different types of currents suited for most of the therapy of painful syndromes and for invigorating or hypertrophying treatment through passive gymnastics, and rehabilitation of norm innervated and/or denervated muscular tissues. Warranty Period: 2 years