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Laser Device lambda yag -جهاز العلاج بالليزر

lambda yag is a laser therapy equipment, which allows to work in depth on different types of pathologies. The wavelength used is 1064nm. This, combined with the emission power, allows a good diffusion and the right absorption by human tissue, by combining an analgesic effect, anti-inflammatory effect and of the tissue regeneration. warranty period: 2 years

Laser Device lambda-جهاز العلاج بالليزر

lambda is a programmable control unit IR LASER suited for regenerative bio stimulating and antalgic treatments warranty period: 2 years


Intelect Neo is the new standard in physical medicine modalities. Build the precise combination for your needs with five slide-in, plug-and-play module options; Channel 1/2 stim, Channel 1/2 stim/EMG, Channel 3/4 stim, Laser and Ultrasound. Warranty period: 1 year