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Hemodialysis Machine 4008S NG-جهاز غسيل الكلى

The 4008S Next Generation has been developed to provide safety and efficiency for all important treatment modalities within the scope of renal replacement therapies. Warranty period: 1 years

On-platform, compact ultrasound system QBIT3-جهاز سونار ترولي

Chison Qbit 3 A Slim Console Color Doppler System, Offers Ideal Patient Care With Its Easy Mobility, Smart Features, Significant Performance And Streamlined Workflow, To Strengthen The Clinical Confidence And Speed The Diagnostic Decision. Warranty period: 1 year

Portable ultrasound system EBit 30-جهاز سونار محمول

The latest portable ultrasound machine - CHISON EBit 30 Warranty period: 1 year