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MLH-42 I.V. Infusion Stand-حامل المحاليل

Manually-adjusted stainless steel infusion stand warranty period: 1 year

ABS flexible dining table KS-P72-ترابيزة طعام للسرير

ABS flexible dining table is used on hospital bed, designed for patients during their dining time or other situation.

MLC-64: Steps-سلم 1 درجة-2 درجة

Single or double-step covered with leather to avoid sliding

Warranty period: 1 Year

One Crank Manual Bed Mattress-مرتبة سرير 1 حركة

Specifications Dimensions: 85X185 cm Density: 22cm Height: 10 cm leather: Sky

Two Crank Manual Bed Mattress-مرتبة سرير 2 حركة

Specifications Dimensions: 85X190 cm Density: 22cm Height: 12 cm leather: Sky