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Orthopedics tractor rack TRP6A-حصان عظام-جرار جراحة العظام

Combination with various types support operating table. Used in the operation of leg. perform side ,prone traction ,open-up position of body.
Warranty Period: 2 Years

CPM – جهاز لتحريك الركبة

The CPM Carci is an indispensable Continuous Passive Movement device to avoid joint damage in the postoperative period of knees and hips, accelerating the postoperative recovery process. Warranty period: 1 year

Ultrasound bone densitometer SONOST-3000-جهاز قياس كثافة العظام بالموجات فوق الصوتية

SONOST 3000 is a portable stand-alone quantitative ultrasound (QUS) BMD with an embedded PC, colorful touch screen, and thermal printer. Warranty period: 1 year

Bone Density (DEXA) (PRIMUS)-جهاز قياس كثافة العظام

PRIMUS is a whole body analyzer for the BMD(Bone Minerai Density), body composition, and bone morphology by scanning the whole body or a specified area of the body with its cutting edge Dual X-ray Absorptiometry(DXA) technology Warranty period: 1 year

Bone Density (DEXA) (EXCELLUS)-جهاز قياس كثافة العظام

EXCELLUS is a half body Fan Beam Dual X-ray Absorptiometry(DXA), which is designed under the new concept of a body composition analyzer capable of measuring the BMD(Bone Minerai Density) and analyzing a half body composition. Warranty period: 1 year

Bone Density (DEXA) (DEXXUM T)-جهاز قياس كثافة العظام

The Dexxum T bone densitometer by OsteoSys provides diagnostic measurement by “Gold-Standard” at both femur and spine, with folding – down sides and axial DEXA measurement method. Warranty period: 1 year