Normal Frequency Stationary X-ray unit TR300A-جهاز الأشعة السينية الثابتة

The product is used in medical department as general Radiographic, filter
Warranty Period: 2 Years

General X-Ray (Accuray D5/D6)-جهاز الاشعة السينية العامة

Accuray D5/D6 is general diagnosis X-ray system, it appropriate image is provided accordance with diagnostic object Warranty period: 1 year

General X-Ray (AccuRay)-جهاز الاشعة السينية العامة

AccuRay ANALOG X-RAY 525R/603R/ 630C/1000C is general diagnosis X-ray system Warranty period: 1 year

X-Ray system Allengers 325 / 525-جهاز الاشعة السينية

Allengers 325/525 (300 / 500 mA) are analog X-ray systems for all general purpose radiographic / fluoroscopic procedures. Warranty period: 1 year

X-Ray Machine 500 mA MR-500-جهاز الأشعة السينية

Control 110 KVP 500 mA Normal frequency 220 V 50 HZ Contains the keys to control the following factors KV: