Why Ali Ben Ali ?
  • The company was established in 1987 with a long experience in the Egyptian market, with a deep understanding of the needs and then providing the right product at a fair price.
  • You can rely on Ali Bin Ali Company to equip your hospital or clinic and devote yourself fully to your work. We are your business partners who care about the details.
  • Importing, selling and marketing the best medical devices while achieving the equation of flexibility of small companies and technology of large companies, and the rapid ability to respond to your needs, in addition to importing and selling devices with advanced and modern technology in the field of medical devices to facilitate you in obtaining the right device and the price, agencies from major hardware and equipment companies from Taiwan, Germany, Italy, Korea and the United States.
  • Confidence, we have a trained team that checks all types of devices and validates equipment before it is offered for sale.
  • After sales services, the company has a maintenance center approved by the General Authority for Industrial Control, run by a group of experienced engineers.
  • A wide sales network covering Cairo with two showrooms and more than 30 authorized distributors around the Republic.
  • Diversity, all your needs under one roof, turnkey.
  • Technical consultancy, our experience and qualified cadres to provide technical and technical advice.
Warranty and maintenance means trust
One of the most important advantages of dealing with Ali Bin Ali Company is the after-sales service that differs from any other company working in the same field because we have maintenance centers approved by the official health authorities in Egypt (Represented by the Ministry of Industry) and employs specially trained technical cadres. Maintaining medical devices, both in their specializations, and holding certificates and experiences that qualify them to work in this field. They are tested scientifically and technically with special standards to adhere to, all with the aim of providing after-sales service in a way that qualifies us to top the list of the best medical device companies and equip clinics and hospitals.

Ali Bin Ali Company gives the customer the longest warranty and maintenance period, especially for the agencies that we have, which is a very important item if not the most important for public and private hospitals and medical clinics, as the warranty of the authorized agent or distributor gives the customer confidence that the device he obtained if any problem occurs to him is In ensuring the agency and that its investments are truly in complete safety, we value long-term dealings with our clients.

It is worth noting that after the agencies we obtained, it exceeded twenty years, which means that Ali Bin Ali Company has gained not only the trust of its customers, but also its suppliers from major international companies.


Ali Bin Ali, with confidence, continues and expands the services of complete equipment to major hospitals with everything they need, starting from patient beds to providing all medical devices, and work is currently underway on several projects in parallel.

Ali Bin Ali Medical Equipment has fully equipped many major hospitals, for example, but not limited to: Qasr Al-Ainy Hospitals – Mansoura University Hospitals – Demerdash Hospitals, Pharos Hospital and many other hospitals, where we have equipped incubation and intensive care departments, operating rooms, and many other different departments within those Hospitals.

As for the medical centers for physiotherapy and internal medicine, they are equipped with modern medical products and medical centers in the most prestigious physiotherapy centers in the world.

This is in addition to equipping all operating rooms, from machines to suction devices, diathermy devices, anesthesia devices, operating flashlights, operating tables, recovery rooms, care beds, patient monitors, in addition to intensive care rooms, ventilators, and medical incubator units.

Local and international exhibitions and conferences
Ali Bin Ali Company for Medical Devices has obtained certificates of excellence and honor for the medical services it provides to its clients and our participation in the largest international medical exhibitions. It is classified as the best company specialized in medical devices at the level of the Arab Republic of Egypt. One of the most famous exhibitions in which Ali Bin Ali Company for Medical Devices and Equipment participates is EGYMEDICA exhibitions Which is the main gateway to the medical sector in Egypt, as well as the EGY HEALTH exhibition, which is the most important meeting place for our customers, whether current or new.


This is in contrast to the medical and health conferences for medical devices, which are sponsored by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.


These exhibitions are also a meeting place for acquaintance with the largest international companies because of their regional and global weight. We contract with Premier companies that specialize only in international agencies from several countries such as: .. Italy .. America .. Korea .. China and Taiwan.

In the event that there is a new power of attorney for companies producing medical devices, we contract with him after a trial period, and he is searched for and ensures his presence in the world and the countries that the commercial market deals with in exporting his products.

For example, Chinese companies are asked about outside China first and before contracting, as there is no company in China that does not export to Europe, and we also need to make sure of the quality of their products before importing them.

Social Responsibility
Ali Ben Ali does not trade with the society’s pain, but rather it is hand in hand with the relevant agencies and agencies supervised by the Egyptian Ministry of Health in order to overcome the emergency crises on the Egyptian society. The emergency health care that Egypt and all countries of the world suffered from, and the meaning of this charter was the insistence not to exploit the global crisis to confront the ferocity of the virus and the speed of its spread, and not to burden the citizen with any additional financial burdens.

For example, but not limited to, respirators and oxygen meters were offered and sold at the lowest prices at the same prices as the suppliers, without considering personal gains at the expense of our customers and patients, and they are sold at their original price, even in the event that some customers request to provide precautionary consumables such as masks and gloves, which were provided at the lowest prices. In the market, it was from the supplier directly to the final consumer. The purchase price is the same as the selling price.

Precautionary measures to face emergency crises
As for the company’s precautionary measures, temperature measuring devices were provided at the entrance to each branch, and workers were keen to wear masks all the time to deal with customers, and the availability of sterilizers in all branches, and stressing that customers were not necessary. Entering without wearing masks.The importance of creating and launching the site has crystallized to be the most comprehensive and the best in Egypt, allowing our customers to purchase safely online without direct contact or wasting time.

It is a vision that crystallized at the beginning of the year 2020, even before the Corona crisis, and its importance increased after the Corona crisis. We hope that it will be the first of its kind in Egypt as a market for the sale of medical devices through the Internet and with the same amount of time retaining all the advantages of dealing. It should be noted that the products offered on the site are not limited to our agency. Just But in addition to this, distribution products and foreign agencies are added by providing them at agent prices, and this service is only available abroad in India, China and Europe, and sales commission rates are added that may reach 30%: 40% as a profit margin, but we decided to sell these products at the lowest profit margin and at the same agent price .

The process of selecting agents and their products is carried out with great care because they are an important interface for us and our company, because the agent is an indirect partner to us. This process is carried out with utmost care, given our presence for more than 33 years in the field of medical devices, agencies, distinctive devices, and companies that have distinguished after-sales services.