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  • electra delivers different types of currents suited for most of the therapy of painful syndromes and for invigorating or hypertrophying treatment through passive gymnastics, and rehabilitation of normoinnervated and/or denervated muscular tissues.
  • electra, realized with the more advanced electronic technologies, it is proposed in 2 or 4 channels.
  • electra has: Diadynamic Current assures the success of the treatment of painful inflammatory conditions of muscles, articulations, peripheral nerves and, in the sporting medicine, the rapid resolution of traumas and hematomas. Faradic Current which allows the stimulation of normoinnervated muscles in every treatments.
    Pulse Current, that thanks to a constant increment of the intensity respect the time, can be used for the stimulation of partially innervated or denervated muscles.


  • lambda is a programmable control unit IR LASER suited for regenerative biostimulating and antalgic treatments. It is possible to connect to lambda optional transducer handpiecies. The transducers can have different dimensions and radiation power. This allows to the operator to use the best handpiece accordingly with the choised treatment.
  • lambda has a security control system which automatically disables the LASER emission in the case of missed or wrong positioning of the emitting handpiece.

lambda yag

  • lambda yag is a laser therapy equipment, which allows to work in depth on different types of pathologies.
  • The wavelength used is 1064nm.
  • This, combined with the emission power, allows a good diffusion and the right absorption by human tissue, by combining an analgesic effect, anti-inflammatory effect and of the tissue regeneration.
  • lambda yag allows to work in two modalities: continuous and pulsed.
  • The continuous emission mode is suitable for pathologies where the injury is at depth.
  • It is able to trigger cellular bio-stimulation processes, and the process of tissue regeneration, reducing movement recovery times.


  • tesla is an ELF magneto therapeutic unit designed for professional applications.
  • tesla generates magnetic field (ELF) characterized by: Low frequency, Negligible electric field, Low radiated power, Negligible thermal effects, High tissue penetration.
  • The unit has a graphic touchscreen display which allows the interactive control of the unit.

tesla pulse

  • tesla pulse is a device designed for professional applications for the treatment of oste-articular pathologies.
  • tesla pulse can command a pair of flat transducers (optional) and a new handle of pulsed magnetic field. Outputs can be activated individually.
  • tesla pulse in PULSE mode through the interchangeable circular head of the handpiece emits a pulsed magnetic field characterized by: Low frequency, negligible electric field, high magnetic pulsed field (1 Tesla) (RAdiated Magnetic Pulse RAMP), negligible thermal effects, high penetration in tissues, this particular field results in non-invasive and non-painful applications, favoring draining and cellular normalization through tissue and cell biostimulation for the treatment important traumatic pathologies with or without edema, inflammatory and / or painful forms such as cervical arthrosis, lumbagoe, scapolomeric periarthritis, sciatica, tendinitis, sports trauma (stretching, tearing, etc.)


  • onda is a non-focal (radial) waves therapy device, which radically changes the therapeutic methodology of many  musculoskeletal system disorders
  • Shockwave technology consists in generating an acoustic wave characterized by a high energy peak adjustable in a given frequency range. An accelerated bullet in the handpiece, trough electromagnetic impulse, generates a mechanical pressure wave that is transferred to a specific area by irradiating the tissue
  • Mechanical energy creates biostimulation reactions in the tissue, giving positive influencing in a wide range of orthopedic, physiotherapeutic and antalgic conditions.


  • pressa is a modern and reliable compressive system of the new generation. The equipment is destined to physiotherapeutic treatments in which is in demand mechanical pressure massage for mechanical lymphatic draining.
  • The pressa measurement exactness, the polyfuntionality of the planning system and the action of the special physiological accessories, with overlapping sectors, allow to effect the lymph nodes unblocking before make the pressure massage.
  • The unit has realized using the most up-dated electronic technology which drives up to 8 sectors.


  • therma is a temporary-use medical device, suitable for the application of therapeutic treatments diathermy capacitive and resistive energy transfer of musculoskeletal injuries (contractures, sprains and strains, tendonitis, synovitis and bursitis) and osteo-articular pathologies, in an outpatient setting by qualified personnel in physical therapy.
  • therma is a new device for the treatment capacitive and resistive thermal noninvasive capable of generating, with the best efficacy and pain, hyperemia endogenous and stimulate the blood circulation in all the different cell layers to the lymphatic drainage. It has anti-inflammatory effects and results in an improvement of blood circulation and a significant reduction in pain.
  • It stimulates a reaction of the natural and physiological body adequately to the specific athology, and accelerates the healing process. Thanks to special applicators is able to provide the right amount of energy in the cell layers of interest.


  • sonora are a programmable driver units for US transducers with working frequencies from 1 up to 3 MHZ.
  • The unit has realized in the followings two versions: One with automatic tuning to use ultrasound transducers in the range 1 Mhz- 3 MHz.
  • The second one combi, with automatic tuning to use ultrasound transducers in the range 1 MHz – 3 MHz together with electrotherapeutic current.
  • Through sonora it is possible to obtain delivery of continuous or modulated ultrasound with programmable intensity and delivery time to fit the thermo therapeutic deep treatment for different pathologic conditions.