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Lifesaver Stretcher NF NR01

Technical features: It is made of high tenacity waterproof PVC fabric and full-length 5cm ribs. It is specially designed for

Cervical Collar NF-N4

High-density foam X-ray translucent There are 3 sizes: L, (63cm) M(57cm), S(51cm)

Cervical Collar NF-N1

Injection-molded polypropylene The height designed with 4 different levels: tall, regular, short, low X-ray Translucent Designed with hole on throat

Extrication Device NF ED01

Technical features: It is used to fix patient’s back, suitable for rib injured patients The wrap-around design provides vertical rigidity

Manual Suction NF MS01

Specification: With filter which can cut off viruses and bacteria Liquid storage bottle is made of corrosion-resistant plastic, reusable, easy

Emergency Blanket

Emergency Blanket Water Proof Survival Rescue Kit Foil Thermal Space First Aid Rescue Curtain Military Blanket

Finger Splint

Made of soft aluminum and foam, non-toxic, non-irritating odor X-ray translucent

NF G1 Body Bag

With straight Zipper, 36″x90″, Black 27S PVC