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Lifesaver Stretcher NF NR01-نقالة المسعف

Technical features: It is made of high tenacity waterproof PVC fabric and full-length 5cm ribs. It is specially designed for

Cervical Collar NF-N4-مثبت رقبة

Specifications High-density foam X-ray translucent There are 3 sizes: L, (63cm) M(57cm), S(51cm)

Cervical Collar NF-N1-مثبت رقبة

Specifications Injection-molded polypropylene The height designed with 4 different levels: tall, regular, short, low X-ray Translucent Designed with hole on

Extrication Device NF ED01-جهاز تثبيت الحركة

Technical features: It is used to fix patient’s back, suitable for rib injured patients The wrap-around design provides vertical rigidity

Manual Suction NF MS01-شفاط يدوي

Specification: With filter which can cut off viruses and bacteria Liquid storage bottle is made of corrosion-resistant plastic, reusable, easy

Emergency Blanket-بطانية طوارئ

Emergency Blanket Water Proof Survival Rescue Kit Foil Thermal Space First Aid Rescue Curtain Military Blanket

Finger Splint-جبيرة الاصبع لتثبيت الاصبع

Made of soft aluminum and foam, non-toxic, non-irritating odor X-ray translucent