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5LPM Oxygen Concentrator Nuvo Lite-مولد اكسجين 5 لتر

The Nuvo Lite 5 is a compact and transportable oxygen concentrator that can provide medical grade continuous flow oxygen from 0.125 to 5 Liters Per Minute (5LPM) using standard PSA technology Warranty period: 1 year

8 Liter Oxygen Concentrator Nuvo-مولد اكسجين 8 لتر

Standard Oxygen Concentration Status Indicator (With the 585 model) Warranty period: 1 year

10LPM Oxygen Concentrator Nuvo-مولد اكسجين 10 لتر

Nidek Nuvo 10 Oxygen Concentrator provides oxygen 10 litres per minute to the patient requiring long term oxygen therapy. It is simple and easy to use and comes with patented RPSA technology Warranty period: 1 year