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Infrared Massager MG 21-جهاز مساج انفراريد

The infrared massager provides a soothing and relaxing vibration massage. You can alter the massage according to your wishes thanks to the 3 interchangeable attachments.

Infrared Massager MG 40-جهاز مساج انفراريد

 Relax and enjoy a soothing vibration massage. The rotating massage head and 3-way adjustable handle make the massager with infrared heat easy to use

Tapping Massager MG 55-جهاز مساج

With the penetrating and relaxing tapping massage you can relax and loosen your muscles

Heating Pad HK Comfort-وسادة حرارية

The fluffy, soft heat pad provides pleasant warmth quickly with the fast-heating function. It is snuggly and skin-friendly – making it comfortable to use.    

Heated Under Blanket TS 15-بطانية-غطاء سرير حراري

The under blanket is attached to the mattress, meaning it does not slip and is also able to provide cozy warmth.

Nebulizer IH 18-نيبوليزر-جهاز استنشاق بالبخار

Efficient medication delivery,  Oil less and maintenance-free piston pump

Upper arm blood pressure monitor BM26-جهاز قياس ضغط الدم من أعلى الذراع

The blood pressure monitor determines your blood pressure and pulse on your upper arm fully automatically

Upper arm blood pressure monitor BM 28 With Adaptor-جهاز قياس ضغط الدم من أعلى الذراع + ادابتر

            One for all the blood pressure monitor has a universal cuff that is also suitable for larger upper arm circumferences up to 42 cm. The integrated cuff position control gives you additional certainty about the accuracy of the measured blood pressure values during each measurement.