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Defigard® HD-7 is a defibrillator Monitor-جهاز صدمات لمراقبة و انعاش القلب

The DEFIGARD HD-7 is a concentration of SCHILLER’s long and proven experience in defibrillation, ECG and connectivity. Available with defibrillation paddles or pads, the DEFIGARD HD-7 will support all healthcare professionals. Warranty period: 1 year

Defibrillator Mobile App for FRED PA-1 Trainer-جهاز صدمات لمراقبة و انعاش القلب

The FRED PA-1 Trainer is a training device that enables a wide variety of resuscitation situations, thereby providing realistic AED training. Warranty period: 1 year For more information or to contact the sales specialist, click on WhatsApp WhatsApp